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The PAARA board gathered on Zoom for a couple of quick meetings a few days after the board meeting to consider the idea of a PAARA club member competition as part of Field Day this year. As there isn’t an official PAARA FD site this year due to conditions out of our control, the board agreed that a bit of friendly competition would “spice” the event up a little. Thus, the PAARA club contest was born. Please check out the rules, which are rather straight forward. The board debated on what the prizes should be tossing around several ideas. Our concern was having a prize that was of use to the winner. Thus, the idea of HRO gift certificates. The board felt the diversity of products at HRO could surly fill someone’s need for new “something or another”. We also wanted to recognize any teams, more than one operator using a common call sign, independent of single operators. Realizing that team scores would, by their nature, be higher than for single operators, we created a separate first-place prize for them. However, we also felt there would be far more single operators than teams thus we decided to have 2nd and 3rd place prizes for single operators. We hope all members can find some time over FD weekend to participate. Several clubs in the Bay Area have worked together to develop a plan for operation on 2M simplex. Please check out the “Field Day 2020 on 2M” for information.

Also note: there is a PAARA sponsored Zoom meeting during FD for members to chat, get assistance, or whatever during FD. It’s an unmoderated “drop-in if you wish” place where PAARA members can engage other members. I will open the meeting secession at or around 9 AM on 6/27. It will remain open for 24 hours. Please feel free to stop by during the event.

Download these PDFs:
Contest Rules HERE

Zoom info:
Topic: PAARA FD meet up site
Time: Jun 27, 2020 09:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada) through Jan 28, 2020 09:00 AM
Join Zoom Meeting
Login: 1st name and call
Meeting ID: 853 2022 4810
Password: 846663

73, Jim K6SV
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